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Interfacing the BeagleBoard with an ATtiny85 Microcontroller over I2C

The next part of my project involves connecting a dozen or so sensors and actuators to the BeagleBoard, ideally in a modular, extensible way. The obvious way to do this is use some ¬†microcontrollers, and interface them with the BeagleBoard … Continue reading

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Programming an ATtiny85 Microcontroller with the AVRISP mkII

The ATtiny85 is an 8 pin microcontroller, complete with 8KB of flash, and 512 bytes of EEPROM and SRAM. It also has some hardware support for I2C (otherwise known as TWI), which makes it ideal for my current project. Here … Continue reading

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Interfacing the BeagleBoard with an SRF08 Ultrasonic Ranger over I2C

The SRF08 is an ultrasonic ranger with a 3cm-6m range, and an I2C interface. It’s fairly straightforward to hook it up to a BeagleBoard using the I2C bus exposed on pins 23 and 24 of the expansion header (see page … Continue reading

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Surface Mount Soldering Made Easy(ish)

I’ve been playing around with electronics for a while, making do with my trusty breadboard for prototypes, and occasionally some veroboard if I wanted something more permanent. Unfortunately times are changing, and fewer and fewer interesting components are being made … Continue reading

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